Friday, March 9, 2007

One Week of New Baby

What a week. Meredith is doing well at recovery. She stayed her required three days in bed and only today did she venture out of the house with all of us in the Rentzes' Cadallac to Central Market. We enjoyed their snacks and bought a modest amount of items. Ford had his first car ride and big brother Alexander was able to go play on the playground.

Alexander and I had a "Alex and Daddy" afternoon. We went to the library and checked out some books on Dinosaurs, and a book on history. We then went to go have the Honda's oil changed. Then we made a quick detour to CompUSA where they're closing the Hurst store. It took all of Daddy's willpower to not buy the MacPowerBook Pro right then and there. It runs SO fast.

Afterwards we hit Toys-R-Us where Alex scored a Lightning McQueen Racecar and some Star Wars Galactic Heroes (Bespin Luke and Lando Calrissian). We then went to Best Buy where Daddy upgraded his headphones for his ipod.

We had a nice day. Tomorrow I'm going to be spending it with my friends over at Hot Chocolates and will be attending the Grapevine Chocolate Festival where I will be a representative of the company. Yeah! It should be a ton of fun.

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