Monday, August 25, 2008

Week One Wrap-up

It hasn't been a bad week. I've been able to count some successes this week. On my first day off, the washing machine broke and the oven wasn't working correctly. So with a little help from the internet and some time self-diagnosing, I was able to correctly figure out that the washing machine had a power-transfer coupler broken ($15 at Sears Parts Supply) and the oven's baking element had broken ($43 at Appliance Parts Depot). So those were happy things.

I've had a good week talking to other people in my profession, all of whom were really supportive. I've made two applications and one possible job inquiry. There are two good possibilities for consulting work coming up this week.

My doctor was really impressed with my improvement from a week ago.

The best part of the week was being able to hang out with Alexander, Ford and Meredith more without the overhanging thoughts that the time will have to end and I'll have to recover from being miserable before I'm with them again.

That's the problem in a nutshell. I know a new job will make me stressed. I know a new job will require me to be at late meetings. But I don't want to have a new job that takes me to such depths that it takes me a whole weekend to recover before I have happy time with my family. The drive home in the evenings was not enough time for recovery from the day.

Saturday saw a long day for Meredith with running two Weight Watcher's meetings, helping out a college class in the afternoon and hosting a party in the evenings. The kids and I had a good day. We ran some errands, had McDonald's for lunch and then went to our friend Greg's house for a Doctor Who birthday party. Alexander dressed up as the David Tennant doctor, I as The Master, and Ford as a little creature called the Adipose. We ended being the only ones dressed up, but everyone was especially impressed with Alexander's costume. He even got to wear it to church the next day.

On to week two and more successes.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Water Slide!

We played with a new water slide someone at our church gave us. The thing is an inflatable. The tallest point is 8' off of the ground. It's huge. The guys had a great time.

This evening, we went to Meredith's uncle's house n Richardson. We enjoyed Meredith's extended family tremendously. I'm relaxed this evening. I have to be careful not to eat to help relieve any of my job situation stress.

You did what?

Ok, here's the storyline. I interviewed for the Director of Planning in April. I had lots of good indications from the Mayor, the City Manager and the Deputy City Manager that I would be a great candidate for the position. They ended up hiring someone else.

The new person had a completely different philosophy of urban planning than me. I started feeling terrible every day. I've had panic attacks, shakes and tremors and finally feeling like my adreniline wouldn't stop running - burning pain in my back and all down my left arm.

Last Monday I went back to the doctor with tremors and determined that the stress was really messing me up.

Thursday, since my expectations for the job had drastically changed since beginning thee years ago I quit.

I received a severance package that I think was well planned and fair.

The plan is that I'm going to be working for my friend Larry doing some consulting work for a little while - all the time looking for a new job with a city. So things are good. The best thing is: 1. I'm still officially employed by the consultant...2. I'm pretty sure there's going to be some job openings in the next couple of months as the new fiscal year begins October 1st.

We've planned for this eventuallity for a couple of months now.

But I'm feeling ever so much better. It was either the job or my health and family, and I chose the right one.

So, with the support of family, friends and church, I'll move on and there will be great things going on for me.