Thursday, July 14, 2011

Longest Period Off in Five Years

Hello there blogsphere (or at least anyone at all interested in what I write). It's been seven months since my last post on here and it seems like a lifetime has passed. Since January, I've been to Boston and Maine; I've worked many, many hours in both my primary job and my consulting work; and we're now only weeks away from having a third son. All of this is exciting in its own way I suppose, but it can be rather overwhelming.

My best accomplishment in the past several months was last Saturday cleaning the entire house and having it ready for friends to come over. I'm not as completely OCD as many people - I've mellowed out quite a bit from college where I would freak out over classwork and clean my apartment until 2am because it was something I could control.

I don't require complete order in the house - but there comes a time when I need some amount of order or I start to go a little anxious. The best way I can describe the feeling is claustrophobia. I also get anxious when there are too many things stacked on top of other things - and when I reach for something - the whole lot comes tumbling down.

But the house is clean now.

at least relatively so.

Baby report is that he's head down now after several weeks breech loaded. We talked with the midwife and I was not comfortable with having a home birth with a breech baby. I've been pretty in line with the homebirth experience - but if there is risk of cutting off of oxygen to the baby during delivery (pinched cord, cord wrapped around neck) I'm not willing to risk it.