Monday, October 8, 2007

Somewhere There's Happy News - We Just Don't Get To See It

Following up on my rant about how bad the news media is getting, here's an opinion from a clearly conservative capitalistic point of view, but with which I agree with. Here's the opinion. I've read The Population Bomb and I believe that one of the reasons for the lessening of human suffering by ever enlarging populations is the increase in efficiency in agriculture since the 1960s. There is an abundance of food and a more efficient way of getting that food to locations where it is needed.

The technology has reached the point where we can help out the planet. It's just the politics that get in the way. If you've seen me the past six months you've seen a white wrist band around my left wrist. All it says is "ONE". It represents my support of the one movement to end world poverty. It isn't a call for money - just discussion and action wherever and with whomever you can to bring policies in line to help the indigent and poor in improving their lives. I attempt to work solutions with developers to provide jobs and affordable housing within communities and to increase the quality of life for the residents of those communities. There is a link to the right hand portion of the screen if you're interested.