Monday, February 26, 2007

Dance Dance Revolution

Friday night our friends came over for the evening. We had homemade pizzas and bellini drinks in the Vita-Mix and played Dance Dance Revolution on the XBOX. Kids played and babies were discussed. Meredith's mother Brooksie arrived a couple of days earlier. She is here for the duration as we are now in official "Any Day Mode" on waiting for the baby.

Meredith is getting rather tired now and I think she's about had enough of her body rebelling against motion, activity and generally getting around. She has really started to get into the groove of keeping the house ready for the new baby. There are plenty of things that we've done already and plenty more to do.

We even are in agreement about the possibility of a name...which will most likely be withheld until the day of.

We're planning on having the baptism for the new baby at the Pentecost service rather than Easter service (both traditional days for the Episcopalian Church) mainly because we don't want to interrupt people's family Easter celebration for our baby's baptism.

The Oscars were this evening. I really didn't have a horse in the running so I didn't much care to watch. I mostly played video games this evening, then went and worked on my consulting job for a couple of hours. Meredith and I have watched Little Miss Sunshine which we enjoyed. But we haven't seen any of the others. The last movie I saw in the theater was King Kong in December 2005 and Meredith went with Alexander to watch a movie called Doogal...which she didn't like very much. Previous to that for her was Star Wars Revenge of the Sith - summer 2005. So its been a while.

Random thoughts for late in the evening. Too much root beer.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Umm...Was That A Snake?

At lunch today, Clayton and I took a detour and stopped by the local Staples office supply store. Clayton wanted to purchase a new Palm Pilot handheld. As we are waiting in line to checkout Clayton taps me on the shoulder and tells me that a young woman has just entered the store with a python wrapped around her shoulders.

I turn to find her. But she has walked down into the aisles. After only a short wait however, she reappears towards the front of the store. She's of average height and weight - slightly auburn hair in a more "Big Texas Hair" kind of way...and a 7' green spotted python wrapped twice around her shoulders. Walking in a "you can't ignore the big snake" kind of way around the store.

I told Clayton that nothing screams "Look at me!" than a 7' snake.

It just goes to the mind the previous mental conversations before leaving the house:

"Should I - or should I not - wear the snake?"

"Would it clash with what I'm wearing?"

"Can I look less like an exotic dancer/stripper/insert your fancy here while wearing the snake?"

"Do I know anyone willing to wrestle the thing if I inadvertently scare it and it decides to go for full strength stranglehold?"

The mind boggles.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I've been having some strange dreams lately.

The first was one late last week. I was sent to work in an office towards the back of a building. Not my current building...just in the back. The overhead lights weren't working and there weren't any windows. The only light I had was from the computer monitor and small desk lamp. I couldn't work there very often because there was always someone on the computer trying to fix it.

So I would wander in the rest of the building. For some reason, the library was on the next floor at the top of an escalator. I went in and all of the books were law book bindings. After going to the library I was notified that I would have to move offices into a glass encased office just above the central atrium of the building. With absolute no privacy and everyone entering the building could see into the office.

All this happening while I was wearing a white t-shirt with a blue collar and blue cuffs on the sleeves and in red print on the front:


Could someone explain to me what that means?

The second dream was a bit more jarring. I was visiting my parents who have seemed to have moved into a subdivision at the top of a fairly steep hill. As I was leaving their house in a car, there is a street going down the hill at a 40% grade then turns at an oblique angle. A large barricade was in place to deter any launching off of the road into the water off of a cliff.

Obviously in R.E.M. sleep where was my car going to go? Off the cliff and into shouting at the ceiling at 3:30 in the morning.

No wonder I'm nervous all of the time. I don't have nightmares. I have frustrating dreams.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Brave Combo Still Subversive

Brave Combo, The City of Denton's "House Band" played Tuesday night at the end of the 150th anniversary party hosted by the City of Denton. They debuted their new song about Denton and not even the Denton Record Chronicle picked up the slightly subversive tone to the song.

Here are the lyrics:

Troubled times don’t get us down in Denton town.
Troubled times don’t get us down in Denton town.…

Life is best in the home of happiness.
Peaceful rest in the home of happiness.…

When it’s dark, we’ll find a light.
We’re Dentonites!
Polka hard, with all your might, Dentonites!
Polka hard, with all your might, Dentonites!

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, DANCE!
Troubled times don’t get us down in Denton town. …

Ya la la la la loo la la.

What's really funny about the lyrics is the reference to Denton being the "Home of Happiness" which is a direct reference to the movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which at the very beginning of the movie, the lead characters, Brad and Janet sing a love song Dammit Janet in the churchyard with a huge billboard in the background stating -

Denton - The Home of Happiness

I just think that's funny.