Saturday, March 24, 2007

Changes in Attitude - Changes in Lattitude

I'm not moving again. My boss and friend is letting go of the job situation because of personality conflicts. He's going on to a better prospect with knowledgeable people about the process of planning. I'm going to attempt to fill his shoes at my job as best as I can. With the knowledge that the same type of conflicts may arise again. So I've got to be prepared. I'm a team player, but as I learned in Denton, even good teams are split up if the coaching isn't there.

Meredith took some photos of Alexander and Ford to record Ford's progress through his first month. He's filled out and gained at least a pound and a half and has cleared up his slightly yellow tinge from a small touch of jaundice. We're still having to deal with a bit of the snuffle nose during the night, but hopefully when everything isn't blooming quite so much, that will clear up as well.

The weather has been really dry this month. We haven't had the rainfall we're used to in March. It keeps threatening to rain the past week, but a large high pressure system in the Gulf has been keeping the instability to the west. My yard needs the rain, and I don't want to be greatly increasing my water bill quite yet.

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The Cheese loves you too big brother.