Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Alexander's Baby Brother

Alexander through the whole new baby experience has really been a trooper. He was with his Nonna and Papa during the actual birth and only asked to be taken out once (during one of Meredith's more vocal moments). Most of the day he had spent playing with Nonna and Papa either upstairs or out walking. He even ran an errand with Nonna.

Lots of people have talked about Alexander having regression into being a younger child. Perhaps we're still way early in the process (Ford only being 3 days old) but I seem to have seen a greater maturity in Alexander that wasn't there before. He's going to the bathroom by himself without help - he's learning to accept me telling him to go to sleep with out having to use Meredith as a crutch...he's only been absolutely gentle and loving towards his grandparents and to Ford as a tiny baby.

I just want to make sure that they don't have the sometimes great explosions of anger that my brother and I had while growing up. I was too controlling - he was a little lax. We didn't have much in common for much of our under 20s. We have become much closer in the last several years, both when he lived in Aubrey and having now moved to Maine. I love my brother, and of course my sister (who I get to see very often)...but because of Alexander and Ford's relationship in ages is going to mirror my brother's and my own so similarly, I want to help them along as much as possible.

They will be enemies, comrades, co-conspirators and accomplices, but as they will forever be brothers, the most I want for them is to be friends.

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