Sunday, December 10, 2006

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas went well. Check out the flickr site for the photo. My mother thought I look very authentic. Alexander didn't recognize me even sitting on my I measure that as a success.

The most funny thing of the evening was the Choirmaster coming into the Sacristy (backstage area of the Church) looking to turn off the lights after her evening organ practice and was startled to see me in full St. Nicolas regalia. Beard and extremely tall carboard mitre and everything.

She did say that she wasn't sure if she was having saintly visions or not.

Friday night we went to the annual Midwest Section Awards Banquet at the Legends of the Museum at the Ballpark in Arlington (those who are sell-outs can call it Ameriquest Field). It was a nice evening. I've enjoyed the past several (especially at the Fort Worth Zoo two years ago).

I also met with my second job boss on Thursday and have found out that the comprehensive plan project we've been working on is due in mid-January. We'll get it done. I just wish it wasn't over the holidays.

I've been enjoying doing consulting work. Not only for the financial aspects, which are considerable, but also for the opportunity to be "on the other side" of things. I've only worksed professionally as a public official. Now I also have the opportunity to represent clients and to get some experience in meeting expectations of those clients while still having the relative safety of my position with the city. As long as my work in Burleson is not interfered with, I do not take any work that would compromise my postion with the city and as long as my boss in Burleson knows and understands my other committments, everything is hunky-dory. I'm too much of a worry person to attempt to push things to the edge.

Tonight I've worked on the plan. Cleaned the house yesterday. Don't have any other responsibilities. I'm sitting in front of the fire and watching the Cowboys game. The first time I've had the chance to watch a full game all season either pro or collegiate.

I'm looking forward to it.

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