Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Christmas Decorating

Alexander has decided that Christmas Decorating is definitely one of his new favorite things to do. We had a time trying to convince him that not all of the ornaments should be placed at a height no greater than 32" from the floor. The artifical tree we bought looks nice. Its perky.

I think we're almost complete with the Christmas Shopping. Its been an expensive year. As I previously posted, we had lots of other expenses that we didn't know we're coming (along with the house) and just this week spent $500 to have the driveway gate and garage door repaired.

We've been watching the Bass-Rankin Christmas specials on ABC and ABC Family channels this week. Its been fun watching them with Alex since its the first time for him to have seen any of them.

We watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A Year Without Santa Claus (with Snow and Heat Misers!) and tonight the Santa Claus is coming to town show with Bing Crosby.

I did take a photo from inside the house. I still need to get a hang of taking night photos without shaking the camera. I used my tripod to take a photo of the Christmas Lights on the outside of the house, but I still got the "camera shakes" to the photo.

Tomorrow I'm going to be playing my second year as "St. Nicholas" at our church in Denton. They have this event every year for the small kids. A couple of years ago they had another member of the church play the role and he turned out to be a little surly. So last year they asked me if I could do it. It turned out that I was pretty good at it. The kids at least enjoyed it. I knew many of their names, a lot about the toys they were asking for and whether they got along with their siblings (at least at church) or not. Alexander is going to participate as well this year. I'm not sure if he will recognize me or not from under the fake beard they have me wear, but he's pretty sharp. I bet he picks up on it quick. Meredith at least will be there to way-lay any attempts to remove the beard by my son.

I'll try and have some photos of the event up tomorrow night.

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