Sunday, December 3, 2006

First Weekend of December

So the weekend didn't start out too hot. This week I started trying to lose some weight again by getting up at 5:30am wolking a mile to two miles and then coming inside to make a fruit smoothie and then taking a shower. I would be on the road to work with a nice smoothie about 7:00am.

Friday I went out in the cold and walked, came home, and made an apple smoothie with a dab of soy milk that smelled slightly off.

Later that afternoon, I had the worst stomach pain I have experienced. I was relating to my coworkers that if felt like being kicked in the stomach...which I had experience as a child when walking around the wrong end of a cow at my Grandfather's ranch.

I missed my boss' birthday party and drove immediately home where I was promptly sick for the next six hours.

About 10:30pm Meredith called our nurse hotline with our insurance to talk about the possibility that I was having appendicitis. Luckily, the pain was beginning to subside enough somewhat for me to sleep. But most of Saturday and today, I've been really sore.

Yesterday evening I did feel better enough to take the gang and go buy a new artifical Christmas tree (pre-lit). It looks really nice by our fireplace. We also went to the Colleyville Chamber Christmas celebration. They held the event behind one of the major shopping centers instead of the town center...which I though was a little odd. We attempted to get Alexander to take his photo with the Santa Claus there, but after thinking it was a good idea, became much more sullen as soon as he was sitting there. So we got a photo of a sullen Alex with a smiling Santa. I think Meredith is going to attempt another run somewhere else with a bigger excitement level.

At the end of the event they had fireworks consisting of mostly ground shots. Alexander was scared by them, especially some which tended to scream as the burned out. He did tell us in the car that he liked "the red ones."

Today we went to church and dropped Alexander with the Church's youth group for the afternoon so we could do some Christmas Shopping. There was one particular DVD that I've been looking for as a gift for someone and every store I went to was out. So I'll go check tomorrow.

Tomorrow the guy is coming to fix our garage door opener and our gate which was damaged over the weekend...and hopefully we'll finally get the last of the furniture we ordered in September, so I can get all of the boxes out of the dining room.

Congrats to UCLA for beating the dreaded USC and really messing up the BCS poll standings. A&M are going to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego on the 28th. Meredith and I were going to have people over to watch the game. Unfortunately its an afternoon game (3pm) on a Thursday so we won't be able to do much. So we'll root for Rice and South Carolina as well.

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