Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday November 21 2006

Sorry for no update yesterday. It turned out that we didn't do much of anything. The Rentzes had their house exterminated for termites (there's a bunch of the little buggers in the woods - go figure!) so I had to help Dad Rentz with pulling everything out into the middle of the garage and out from underneath the house. That took most of the morning yesterday.

In the evening Alexander and I watched Justice League on DVD while Meredith played on the computer. The Rentzes had a Lions Club meeting to go to. We didn't feel like going to the bbq place after all.

This morning, Alexander presented us with a new aspect to his life. He actually was vomiting ill for the first time ever. He has had a stuffy nose for several days and I think all of the drainage really upset his tummy. So this morning we cleaned out our schedule and spent the day resting hoping he will be better for tomorrow and especially Thursday to spend with other family for the holiday. Rachel finished her class this morning and arrived this afternoon (carefully because its raining with a mix of sleet - but not sticking). The weather looks much better for the rest of the week and especially the drive home on Saturday and Sunday.

I've spent a lot of time reading which has been a real treat. I haven't pleasure read for several months. I'm currently reading The Joiner King a post - New Republic era Star Wars book. There's a link to the book on the left of the yourminis webpage.

I've had a little feedback about the yourminis website. Some people haven't been able to see it. If you're having trouble, update your verison of Flash Player to (7) and make sure you have the ActiveX control enabled for the website.

Tomorrow it's Turkey Cooking. I'm doing the Brine Turkey from Alton Brown and Food Networks' Good Eats.

Have a great day.

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