Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday November 26 2006

Howdy from Keller!

We arrived back from South Carolina this afternoon about 5:00 pm. The past couple of days were hectic in getting through the shopping day on Friday for Meredith and then driving the 1000 miles back to Texas from the Rentzes' house.

Friday - What can I say? Gig 'em Aggies! Can you believe a win over the 10th ranked Texas Longhorns? My only sadness was that we couldn't have beaten Oklahoma as well for the Big 12 South Title and the ability to play Nebraska next week for the Big 12 Championship. We will get to go to a "hopefully" good bowl game. Coach keeps his job for the next year...and perhaps we are on the road to comeback!

BTW, if you're reading this and are interested in coming to the house for the bowl game (whatever it is) Meredith and I are planning on having a come and go party here. I'll be flying my Texas A&M Flag.

Also on Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year and Meredith, her Mom, and niece Rachel went out to Columbia and fought the crowds for most of the day.

The most interesting thing that occurred on Friday was that Alexander gave his Grandmama one of his two plastic Superman Rings he had left over from his Superman Birthday party. I asked him if he was going to want it back and he told me "No, I gave it to her."

It was a very grown up response from a three-year old.

The following day we departed for home about 6:00am CST and had lunch at a nice rest stop in Alabama. Alexander was chasing Meredith through the leaves surrounding the picnic site, and I had a real flash...this was my family. We had never really had just "our family unit" vacation together and we were doing great! We had little problems through the week. No real arguments, just cooperation and fun.

We ended up in Vicksburg, MS after a debate whether I was too tired to drive the remaining seven hours to Keller or not. We decided that the Notre Dame/USC game would be on the TV in the hotel, we could get a nice dinner, the National Battleground park was just across the interstate from the hotel, and lo and behold, the Outlet Mall was just next door.

So we stayed.

It was a nice room. We stayed at the Jameson Inn where we could have Belgian Waffles for breakfast in the "Continental Breakfast Area."

We shopped a little at the Outlet Mall. Alexander rode one of the little storefront rides. We then went to a McAlister's Deli for dinner where Alex ate all of his hot dog after Daddy threatened to go get the mustard to finish it off for him.

We watched a stupid movie on TV while flipping back and forth to the football game, reveled in the fact that South Carolina (The True USC) beat Clemson earlier in the day (Grandmama attributed the win to the "lucky" Superman Ring) and had a relaxing evening.

Then this morning, we had our breakfast and went to the National Park for the Vicksburg Battleground. A fascinating drive of about 20 miles of park roads winding through all of the still existing trenches. Monuments to individual states and divisions of both the Confederate and Union Armies and detailed troop movements document the site. Flanking the site between the battleground and the city center of Vicksburg is the National Cemetery.

Alexander learned the word "obelisk" and accurately described several that we saw through the site. What terrified me was the closeness of the lines to each other and the ability to view the opposing gun emplacements. I have been on several battlefields before. Primarily in the West and in Normandy, France. What was shocking for me was the sense of immediacy.

We are now at home and are working towards getting to our week. Check out the photos on the site and if you can't see those, you can look at them at


adam said...

Hey, I'm one of the developers at Yourminis. I'm glad to see you're enjoying our site.
(Oh, by the way, since I'm a graduate of the REAL USC, The University of South Carolina was charted under that name in 1906. The University of Southern California was chartered in 1880 which makes it the TRUE USC. Nice win over Clemson though.)

sacwho said...

I'm actually a Texas A&M grad. My father-in-law is the South Carolina grad...but I have to follow his arguement even in the face of facts!

I like the yourminis webpage because of the functionality of having several movable and editable flash elements on one page. I arrived there from blog maverick by Mark Cuban and was a little freaked out at first when i could move around his elements. I thought he had somehow left his page open for anyone to edit...

I'd love to have the ability to directly input links into the notepad...and to directly input calendar entries.

Thanks again for checking out the blog.