Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Thursday November 23 2006

Happy Thanksgiving! We got up this morning to the sound of duck hunters once again blasting their birdshot across the lake. We drove to Greenwood, SC and had a lovely Thanksgiving with Meredith's Grandaddy Young. Brooksie's sister's family including Jo Beth and Jerry, Russell and his wife, Rhonda, Laura and Meredith's niece, Rachel all joined us there for the dinner.

The assisted living center has a room to check out to residents with a small prep kitchen attached where we set out the dinner. My turkey was a big hit. All the dishes were terrific, with Laura's bean casserole and Russell and Rhondas dessert-like sweet potato dish. Dessert was a Young family tradition, a custard like dish called Charlotte. It isn't like the dish Charlotte Russe, but it is really nice the way they make it.
After dinner we sat in a common area, and Alexander played superhero with Jerry and his daughter Laura. Alexander had to explain that he was "The Flash" while Jerry was "Superman." I believe Laura ended up becoming a villan and was placed in "jail" several times. Grandaddy Young even got into the act by tossing superhero zaps at Alexander.
Once we returned to the Rentzes' house we walked out to the dock, where yesterday's rains have finally raised the river level back up high enough to float the end of the dock. The setting sun lit up the trees on the opposite bank and made for some nice widescreen photos.
Meredith has made reservations for a hotel in Vicksburg on the way back for Saturday night. We are planning on leaving here early Saturday and arriving back in Keller by late afternoon on Sunday.
Again, I hope your holiday was terrific.

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