Friday, June 27, 2008

New Photos, Discovery Green - Alex's Nature Class

Here's the photos:

While I was in Florida, Meredith and the guys went to Houston to visit the Holders. Alexander appreciated playing with Gareth and Ford and Bethany really enjoyed each other. One of the day trips that they took was going to Discovery Green, a Downtown Houston park that was preserved through the efforts of many of the city leaders. Featuring public art, performance venues and water features, it's a gathering spot in the middle of the urban landscape.

Last week, Alexander took a class at Arlington's River Legacy Park. He learned about animals using camoflage and building bird nests and how animals show that they are scared. He's even demonstrated how a skunk tells you before it squirts you.

We went out on Saturday to walk the trails. We saw turtles, squirrels, lizards and Alexander saw a two foot green snake before anyone else did. We enjoyed our walk.

This week has been Vacation Bible School for Alexander. He's been going to one (Outrigger Island) in the morning in Grapevine and to Power Lab at our church in Denton in the evenings.

A quick funny story about Ford. He and I hung out at the church on Tuesday evening as Alex was at the VBS. As part of the decorations for the Power Lab they had areas with black lights. I smiled real big for Ford and my teeth glowed. He tried to grab them. Then as I was looking closer at his face, I noticed that because his hair was so light and blonde that it was glowing yellow in the uv light. I was greatly amused by that.

Enjoy the photos.

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