Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween - and Happy Birthday Alexander

We had a great Halloween. I got home early from work. Meredith cooked a nice dinner and we dressed the guys as Batman and Robin. (photos to follow). My parents came over about 6pm and Aunt LaLa over shortly after that. 6:30 rolled around and many kids were starting out into the street.

Our neighborhood has lots of kids, so many of the houses are either decorated for Halloween or have their front porches lit up for the occasion. Even further, many of the neighbors find it an enjoyable experience (even those without children of trick-or-treat age to get out their portable chairs, get a glass or bottle of frosty adult beverages and a bowl of candy and wave at the passing throng.

Meredith and my father spent much of the evening out front of the house, while Laura, Alexander, Ford and I went out for treats. My mother had a class she had to get to. Ford really enjoyed the trick-or-treating process from upon his perch in the frame backpack on the back of Daddy. He paid special attention to his fellow caped-crusader as he bounded up each walk to the front door only to be rewarded with candy.

Alexander was very pleasant as he had his line down:

"Trick or treat!"

and after his reward, came a gracious "Thank you" with only a little prompting from Daddy. At one house in particular, the lady stated that Alexander had terrific manners and told him to have a great time. Alexander responded with:

"All right, I WILL. IT'S HALLOWEEN!"

We met all sorts of costumed characters along the way. The most memorable for me was three middle-school aged boys dressed up as middle-school aged cheerleaders. That was gutsy and impressive.

The best trick-or-treater of the evening was a little boy younger that Alex who was so impressed with Alex's Batman costume that he had to comment about it all the way up and back the walkway. Alexander made his evening by calling to him as he left...

"See you later, Buzz Lightyear!"

The weather cooperated in that it wasn't excessively hot or cold with just a little wind. The fire department showed up in the neighorohood with two firefighters handing out glowsticks to all the kids.

After the treats were finished. Alexander helped sort out the candy that wasn't good for his "Superman" teeth (those which were excessively sticky) and kept mostly the chocolate ones.

It was a truly a happy halloween.

Then following the 31st is Alexander's 4th birthday. He arrived from school wearing a red construction paper crown exclaiming the fact. We ended up going to Double Dave's pizza for dinner as Alexander's special treat.

His birthday party will be on Saturday. The theme: Transformers.

Alexander. More than meets the eye.

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The Cheese said...

I don't know if I'm seeing him or not. Nothing has changed between us. Just dinner or drinks. Nothing more. I completely understand why Kristin stayed after him for so long - he has a personality that makes people want to be around him. But, I think that he's like that so it will boost his OWN ego - not so that the people around him will feel happier or whatever. I really need to cut the strings off this semi-relationship thing because it's really confusing me. I can't move on because he's still on my mind: "Is he interested, or are we just friends?" Ugh. I'm so over it.