Monday, February 2, 2009

I have nothing to say...

Quick note. Still here. Lots going on. Meredith has been appointed to the Texas State Board on Midwifery. She just got back from a flying trip to Austin and back (crazily enough she took the guys) and had a great, if tiring time. I got myself appointed to be a parish delegate to the Diocese of Dallas convention in October and I'm still working on a gas well ordinance. 

I had a great time over at Justin's parent's house for his birthday and the Super Bowl. Fantastic broccoli and cheese soup. 

And been watching old British Sci-fi shows on my new half terabyte hard drive. Amazing. To think I was awed by having portable 1GB drives.

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EmandaJ said...

Hi Stephen,

I was just checking out me fav blogs and cam across something I thought you might enjoy seeing. Nnotice the dalek (is that how it's spelled??)

I'm glad you're going to be a delegate to convention with me. While the meeting itself may not be fun, some of the rest of it is.