Monday, January 28, 2008

Living in Freedom and Peace

The current President of the United States is talking. But is he actually saying anything? The problem with a lame duck President in his last year and especially with the last State of the Union addressd is that they're looking for the last amount of legacy that they can bring out. It was the same with Clinton as well. (Of course all he really had to overcome is lying that had some dalliances, Mr. Bush has a LOT more to answer for.)

Bush is not going to have a good year. The election this year is looking at becoming one of the best attended and most useful at resetting how policy is shaped in America. The President will become irrelevant this year. We're going to have shrinkage in the economy, continued challenges to the role of the United States in the rest of the world. The least of which this year is the world's focus on China in an olympic year. There will be examination on the politics, lifestyles and massive market that the Chinese represent. Much of it will be the vision of a newly industrialized country, bringing a totalitarian one-party state to a full market economy. The tale of Hong Kong wagging the dog.

China will be on the main stage, as will other Asian centers of influence. Countries willing to subjigate their human resources for greater global share and market. The American socierty that this President sees is a shielded State. Protectionism and isolationism will not balance out the power growing in human will on the other side of the globe. If it were left to a strict non-diplomatic invisible hand economy...I'm not sure that ours will be left standing on top. We must be proactive in bringing about positive change in our cities, our students and universities. Making our lives more productive by providing better places to live rather that instilling fear and a false sense of security without hope.

This is what this President has brought us to. This is where we will need to change.

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