Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sugar...Buh..buh...bah..bah..Ahh, Honey, Honey.

I've got high blood sugar. Officially (cause the letter says so) I've got diabetes. So, I'm on a blood sugar medication to reduce the tolerance level in addition to the other one to reduce the blood pressure. If I don't make the changes, then parts of my anatomy which I'm particularly fond of - feet...may wither and fall off. Or the kidneys will clog up and shut down...or the heart goes phfttt. Or inumerable other things may happen to me. Including getting hit by a truck.

Nothing else new however...I need to continue on the weight loss and excercise. I'm walking about a mile a day and would like to increase that amount. Yesterday, I cajoled Alexander into walking around the subdivision with me by telling him we're going out to fight bad jedi with out lightsabers. That worked up until the point halfway around when he started asking where the "real jedi" were.

Yesterday was also a banner day for Alex when he piped up in a restaurant with Meredith that he saw a man with only one leg. He then proceeded to laugh uproarously. Meredith had to calm him down and explain that sometimes people have bad accidents or have gotten hurt somehow to only have one leg.

If you were three and you first saw someone hopping around with one leg and a walker wouldn't you think they looked funny? Anyway, Meredith handled it fantastic. Alexander really does have a sympathetic ear for people when he understands what's going on.

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Thomas said...

My father was diagnosed with diabetes about ten years ago. In spite of all that he's done since then - medication, diet, exercise - he's still suffering from problems related to diabetes, including the slow deterioration of nerves in his legs. It's been causing him a lot of pain, and he knows all too well what the next step in this particular type of pathology is: deterioration of the circulatory system, which could eventually lead to amputation.

Better to catch diabetes, and work with it, now rather than later. Good luck.