Friday, January 26, 2007

The Downward Spiral

Anybody who knows me knows that I have a hard time seeing the successes in life. Holistic viewpoints rarely do. Entropy and disorder are my bane. No matter how well you stack them end to end, the books are going to slide on the shelf.
Yesterday was my shelf sliding day. Beginning at 5 am with Meredith and Alexander and I all waking up at the same time and in good moods (we had all gone to sleep early) I made strawberry and banana smoothies and left for the day.
7:57 am - email from the city manager - the council has questions about tonight's agenda.
10:00 am - meeting with the city manager - provide a new analysis and presentation by this afternoon.
Skipping lunch and foregoing other responsibilities we complete the task.
6:00 pm - I watch my boss get yelled at for the actions of developers. Ultimately it's the developer's decision to design his own site and put it forward to the council.
We've been told not to express our opinions. We've been told not to make recommendations. Its the Council's decision to approve or deny. We're only presenting the facts of the development.
Now we're told they want a full analysis of all development coming into the city.
I can provide reams - and tell them exactly what is going wrong.

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